How to handle when your kitten first hit puberty.

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How to handle when your kitten first hit puberty.

At the age of 5-6 months your beloved kitten will first start to experience a sensation and change within their body. The kitten body aged within this period will start to grow for their first fertile/reproductive cycle. This cycle is called “cat in heat” in which the kitten will start to experience its first mating season. This cycle can be found in both male and female kitten, with different behaviour regarding to its sex.

Cat in heat Symptom

  1. More aggressive than usual
  2. Looking for more love.
  3. Cry louder than usual. 
  4. Rubbing things or rolling around 
  5. Bend their back and lift their butt up. 
  6. Body and tail trembling or twitching

How to handle

  1. Place your kitten on a hot pad or warm cloth. As this can helps to alleviate and calm down. 
  2. Spend more time patting, massaging and brushing their fur to reduce restlessness. 
  3. Use catnip or catmint to calm and relax your beloved kitten. 
  4. Hold male and female kitten separately. Because smelling and hearing sounds of the opposite sex will cause stimulation toward fetilisation.