Atlas Cat Food

Atlas Cat Can 85 g

Atlas Cat Loin

Atlas Loin is made from 100% genuine ocean fish from nature, selected with finesse, delicately processed with quality manufacturing method and attention in every manufacturing step to maintain the flavor of genuine fish and daily essential nutrients for your cat. A nutritious treat for cats of all breeds of 1 year old and above. Atlas Loin is available in 3 choices; Tuna, Salmon, and Seabream. 

Atlas Cat Puree

Atlas Puree is made from the quality raw ingredients, suitable to be a nutritious snack given as a treat or used as a topping to add mouth-watering flavor to a regular meal for your loved kitty. It also increases appetite, suitable for cats with low desire or with eating difficulties. Puree helps bond the relationship between cat lovers and their kittens to create a happy moment together. Just tear open the sachet anytime to please your kitty. Suitable for cats of 1 year old and above.

Atlas Cat Pouch 70 g

Treat your beloved pet with food full of important nutrition. Atlas Cat helps nourish the brain, improve the eyesight, and boost the immune system of your cats. What’s more, we also help make their skin and fur healthier and shinier. 

“Give love to your dear pets, Give them Atlas Cat”