ATLAS CAT “Sharing Kindness for Stray Cats”

Atlas Cat-Cat Food Donation

On June 7th and June 11th 2022, Premier Canning Industry Co., Ltd. In the name of ATLAS CAT we has contributed on improving the quality of life of stray cats by donating 200 boxes of ATLAS CAT 85 G canned cat food, which valued total at 144,000 baht, to 4 foundations as listed:

1. The Voice Foundation, our voice

2. Soi Dog Foundation for Soi Dogs

3. Rak Maew Foundation, sharing kindness for stray cats

4. Disabled Animal Welfare Foundation

In which all 4 foundations have an approximately of around 3,200 cats within their cares.

In the name of ATLAS CAT we are delighted to be part of the pet society to help on improving the welfare of stray cats by contribute on the pet food, to make sure that all the stray cats can eat good quality, healthy and delicious food.

“Because we believe that every life is born equal.”