4 Signs Saying Your Cat is Healthy


How do you know if your beloved cat is healthy?

Luckily, we can observe that from how our kitty behaves in every way. The way it sleeps, rests, or even plays can tell us how it feels, including how healthy it is. What are the signs of being healthy? Let’s find out!

1. “Having a firm poop” –  The essential sign of being healthy

Besides being cheerful, eating properly, and sleeping soundly, another way to tell if your cats are healthy is their poop. Every time you clean the sandbox, try observing their poop. If the poop is firm and small, you can rest assured that your cats’ digestive and excretory systems are in good health, which is one of the signs of healthiness.

2. “Eating properly, Not getting bored with food” – The second sign of healthiness

It is a well-known fact that healthy cats eat in the proportion that is proper to their breeds and ages. Therefore, we should always observe how our cats eat every time we feed them. If their eating behaviors are normal, or without problems like getting bored with food, eating less than usual, and so on, your cats are showing a sign of being healthy.  

3. “Playful, Cheerful” – The cat’s basic sign of healthiness
Whenever your cats are being playful and cheerful, you can easily guess they are being very happy. Cheerfulness is one of the best indicators for healthy cats who receive proper nutrition as needed. 

Another way to see if your cats are happy is their reactions. If they are active when we play with them, or come begging for you to play with them, including having different ways of playing with themselves and other cats, these are all good signs.

4. The healthy sign –  “Eat well, Sleep well”

Most cats are like people. After a meal, they need a rest. If you see your cats go back to their favorite spot, whether it is under the table, on the shelf, or even in a box, after finishing a meal, don’t be surprised. This behavior is considered normal to make cats feel safe and they can sleep longer.

All in all, cats with healthy signs will have their own unique daily routines including playing, eating, and sleeping. Your cats will feel the best when all these activities happen in a short time, but only if they repeat them many times in a day.

Thank you to iVET hospital for the information.