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Atlas Cat was founded by cat lovers who want their own cats to have high-quality, nutritious, and delicious food.

Reliable, guaranteed, and affordable cat food

Atlas Cat pays close attention to every step of the manufacturing process, including a delicate human control, at each stage to ensure the highest quality food. Every single menu is made from handpicked, non-chemical real fish and high quality meat.

Meet the Atlas Cat Food Products

We develop high-quality and innovative products for cats. Our exceptional recipes, with premium ingredients,
reflect our passion in providing the best for endearing pets.

Simply better pet food from natural ingredients for better quality

Creating a better life for cats

Because we want to deliver a better quality of life for cats, as healthy food with good recipes and premium ingredients, Atlas Cat is 100% natural.

Sustainable & Transparent Brand

Atlas Cat works with raw material suppliers who care about the environment, humans, and society. Also, every production process is carried out with consideration of energy saving and the effects on the environment.

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